Our Team

Vanessa Mills

Senior Graphic Designer, Production Oversight

I get to do what I love every day! As a former destination wedding bride myself, I truly enjoy working with each and every one of you. We love helping others! I oversee all orders, making sure the design and colors of your invitations are printed perfectly. When you’re happy, I’m happy! When I’m not working on wedding invitations, I’m hanging out with my hubby and 2 adorable kiddos, and dreaming about our next vacation!

Dave Mills

Website Admin, Social Media & Marketing

Husband, Daddy, Airline Pilot, and Passport-Making Machine! We LOVE what we do! Helping you create your beautiful and memorable wedding invites and stationary is an honor and a joy for us to share with you! My day-to-day operations ensure our printshop runs smoothly and efficiently. We know each of you are unique and so are your wedding invites. I want to thank you all so much for choosing us!

Trevor Beaty

Photographer, Graphic Designer, Printshop Production

My greatest passions are photography and graphic design. Each day, I work side-by-side with Vanessa and Dave~ helping take your finalized designs and bringing them to life. Printing, cutting, foiling, assembling, and everything else in between. I’ve been in the print and design industry for over 6 years now and I’m thrilled to be able to use that experience to make beautiful passport invitations for brides and grooms all over the world!

Hilda Orozco

Graphic Designer

For over 17 years now I’ve helped people create unique and memorable graphic design projects. I absolutely love working with brides! My favorite part is when a bride has an idea, together we create a vision, and I make it come to life! The bride’s reaction is priceless! Their excitement inspires me. And their satisfaction is so rewarding. If you can dream it, we can do it! Can’t wait to get started!

Mario Garcia

Graphic Designer

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been interested in anything to do with building, creating, drawing, or mapping something out; as a child it’s just what I was drawn to – no pun intended. 🙂 This passion, I realized, would always be a part of my personal and professional life. These days, I have the opportunity to help brides take their ideas and turn them into stunning and memorable wedding invitations. So let’s get started!

Yashira Rosa

Graphic Designer

Some of my favorite things in life are: creating, building relationships, weddings and traveling; and I feel blessed that I get to experience all of these while designing the wedding invitations of your dreams. I joined the team 2 years ago and I still love every second of it. Being able to learn about new destinations and wedding traditions while building relationships with my clients really makes my heart happy. Thank you all so much!

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