What are the steps to get started?

1. Purchase a template from our website. www.weddingpassports.com/shop
2. Edit the template using Adobe Illustrator. The majority of our customers design their own invites using our templates! If you do not yet have Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer, Adobe is currently offering a free fully-functional 7-Day trial to their newest software. Without this software you would not be able to edit any of the template files. The whole template is customizable, so you can change all text, colors, graphics, backgrounds, etc.
3. Upload your completed design at www.weddingpassports.com/upload Please be sure to follow the upload instructions to ensure your files are saved correctly. We need your .ai files, NOT pdfs.
4. Submit your order at www.weddingpassports.com/price-calculator
5. We will review your files and prep them for printing. Once everything is confirmed by you, we will send you an invoice for print and assembly!

If you are interested in a custom design, please contact us and include the resort you are getting married at and we will put you in contact with our next available designer. Design fees vary and an accurate quote can only be determined once we receive more information from you.

Is this all DIY or do you guys do print & assembly and design?

We are a professional print shop and design studio located in Minneapolis, MN. Our specialty is passport and boarding pass wedding invitations. Our equipment is specifically calibrated to produce 1,000’s of professional-looking passports each and every month.

Because we know many customer’s are DIY’ers, we currently offer the following options for you:
A. You can purchase a template, edit it yourself, and then print and assemble yourself.
B. You can purchase a template, edit it yourself, and then have us professionally print and assemble your invites. This is the most popular option.
C. We can create a custom design for you, and professionally print and assemble your invites.

How much do they cost?

Pricing is dependent on several factors. The design of your invitations may be completed by you or you may wish to hire the us to complete this step for you. If you are designing the invites yourself you must purchase one of our templates ($5-$25) at our shop before submitting your files to us for print and assembly. If you wish to have us do the design for you, the price is only $75 if you are getting married at a resort we already have (no template purchase necessary). The price for a custom design largely depends on the # of pages you require and other factors pertaining to the location of your venue and the level of customization you desire and can range from $75-$200+ for the design fee.

Pricing for print and assembly depends on quite a few options. Please use our price calculator to get an exact price depending on the options you select. www.weddingpassports.com/price-calculator

Shipping costs for domestic (US) ranges from $6.00-$13.00. Shipping costs for international (Worldwide) ranges from $20-$60.

Do you ship internationally and how much does it cost?

Absolutely! We ship several orders each week all around the world! Price for shipping depends on your specific address and the quantity of your order (weight). For a shipping price quote, please email me directly at vanessa@weddingpassports.com

I don’t see my resort in your list of templates. What should I do?

There are two options:

1. Purchase one of the generic or regional passport templates and edit it yourself using the trial to Adobe Illustrator.
2. Download and install Adobe Illustrator. You need this software to edit the template and add your own photo(s), and wedding info into the template. There is a free fully-functional 7-Day trial to Adobe Illustrator here: https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/illustrator/ The entire template is customizable, so you can change all text, colors, graphics, backgrounds, etc. ***This time-frame is largely dependent on you. Some brides complete their design in a day or two, others take weeks to complete theirs.
3. Upload your completed designs to us for print and assembly: weddingpassports.com/upload/
4. Pick your options and submit your order! weddingpassports.com/price-calculator/

There is a bit of a learning curve to this program so we have instructions and basic tutorials to help. And our facebook group has over 800 active members who love to help and share ideas! www.facebook.com/groups/134561120049174/



We can assign you to one of our professional designers and you can discuss your custom design with them. You will need to inform them of the general scope of your order, 4, 8, or 12-page passport and have an idea of the content and titles of each page, if different than the default layout. Also let her know if you require an RSVP boarding pass or luggage tag as well.

A design fee will be determined based on the estimated hours of work your design will take to complete. Prices typically range $80-$200+. Forms will be sent to you for you to fill out with all of your wedding and resort info. You will also need to send her a high quality photo of you and your groom!

After you and your designer finalize the look of your passports, your files will be submitted to us and we will go over any last-minute details with you and will begin the print and assembly process of your order.

Please email me directly at Vanessa@weddingpassports.com to get contact info for our next available designer.

I don’t want all 12 pages. How do I remove pages?

The pages are counted like this:

Outside Front Cover (Country Logo)
Inside Front Cover (Passport Photo Page)
Page 1: Formal Invitation
Page 2: Resort Info
Page 3: Accommodations
Page 4: Travel Info
Page 5: Itinerary
Page 6: Dining
Page 7: Dining
Page 8: Resort Activities
Page 9: Golf/Spa or Activities continued…
Page 10: Local Attractions
Page 11: Trip Tips
Page 12: Contact Info
Inside Back Cover (Map Page)
Outside Back Cover

The cover is not counted toward the page count, as well as the passport photo page, map page and back of the cover.
You can remove pages, but you have to remove 4 or 8. Otherwise you will have blank pages in your passport. Think of a sheet of paper folded in half. Once you open it, it forms 4 individual “pages”. This is why all of your inside pages must be a quantity multiple of 4.

If you are having us print for you, we can rearrange the files for you during the proofing process, so just leave the extra pages where they are and tell us which ones you want to keep!

If you plan on printing your passports locally:

If you want to remove one page within a file, delete the info you do not want.

If you do not want both pages in a file, just delete that file.

For 8 pages + cover the files should be paired like this:
00 cover
00 passport-map

For 4 pages + cover the files should be paired like this: 
00 cover
00 passport- map

How do I pay?

We will manually send you a PayPal invoice once we have received your order and you’ve confirmed your files are ready to print exactly as-is (This is called the proofing stage).

I’ve uploaded files, what’s the next step?

We will contact you within the next few days and let you know when to expect a proof. Once we send you the proof, you can let us know of any last minute changes to be made and we will make them for you and send a new proof. If you have not submitted your order details yet, please do so now! www.weddingpassports.com/price-calculator

What is your turnaround time?

There are two important stages with the creation of your invitations, each with their own independent timelines.

Design & Proofing – This step has the greatest amount of variance. Most of our customers complete their design within 1-3 weeks using one of the templates purchased on our site. This step is largely dependent on your personal motivation and computer savvy-ness. Hiring one of our custom designers will likely take several weeks to complete your design. If you are getting married at one of the resorts listed on this page, your design will be completed in only a few days.

Print & Assembly – This stage typically takes approximately 1-2 weeks from the time we receive your payment. Production time can increase depending on several factors:
•Large quantity orders (100+)
•Choosing gold or silver foil-processed cover option
•Choosing threaded binding or adhesive binding options
•Several other orders in queue at the time proofing and payment are complete for your order

*RUSH processing will put your order ahead of all non-rushed orders. During busy times of the year, this can cut down production time by over a week!

How do I edit the templates?

All templates are created using Adobe Illustrator CC and are compatible with versions CS4 and later. Without this software you will not be able to edit this template file.

The 7-day free trial to Adobe Illustrator can be found here. The program is quite large, so it is recommended to use a highspeed internet connection, and allow approximately an hour for the download and installation process to complete. If you need any assistance with how to use Adobe Illustrator, we have created a 10 min intro video to help with the basics. Click here to watch it. Also, we recommend joining our Facebook Group, for answers to common questions, and inspiration from other brides from around the world!

Please watch our Intro to Illustrator Video for help getting started with your design!

Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum order is 10 passports. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. All other stationary (boarding passes, luggage tags, post cards, etc.) has no minimum quantity order.


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