Our Story

It all started with our destination wedding 

A destination wedding just made sense. Since the day we met, Dave and I knew we both shared the same passion for travel. In our first two years together we traveled the world. It was our passion for travel and excitement that bonded us so quickly. We knew we wanted our special day to be warm, relaxing, and for us to be able to share it with our closest loved ones.
As with any wedding, the planning process was a bit stressful. But creating our passport invitations was such a blast! Knowing that the idea had already been done before, we wanted ours to be different. We envisioned our passports to look like a professional and detailed brochure, full of vibrant color, and one that included EVERYTHING our guests needed about their vacation and our wedding celebration!

And so it began…

We carefully documented each step, and decided to start a DIY blog on WeddingBee to help other brides. The blog was merely intended as a guide for the adventurous DIY-er’s, as we were the first to incorporate the idea of making the passport wedding invitation a full travel brochure, and (more importantly) know how to make it look professional, using the industry-leading Adobe Creative Suite. What started out as sharing our template to a few ‘Now Jade’ brides, turned into us making templates for several other ‘sister’ AM Resorts (Now, Dreams, Secrets, etc.).
We have now helped over 10,000 brides and currently have over 40 templates featuring some of the most popular resorts in the Caribbean (Riviera Maya, Jamaica, Dominican Republic) as well as Cabo and Puerto Vallarta and new ones are being added regularly!

Today, our brides have the freedom to be involved in as little or as much as they want with their invitations. Some purchase our generic template, watch our videos, and do everything on their own (we love seeing photos of their finished invites!) Others have us do it all from “Start to Finish”, and the adventurous ones have us print and cut their invitations and ship to them un-assembled, just so they can do the finishing touches themselves! We are the only ones in the industry that offer this level of service. And we love what we do!!! (And we’re cheaper than our competition too!) As of March 2013 Dave and I officially own and operate all of our professional printing and cutting equipment, thus allowing for unmatched turn-around time and exceptional pricing for our customers! From the time a bride’s files are ready, we can print, cut, and assemble any size order in less than a week from the time we receive payment. As of 2015 our design studio ships 2-3 orders a day all around the world, while still maintaining a personal touch and attention to detail.

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We love helping others, it’s what we do! Our commitment to quality, customer service, and our attention to detail are what sets us apart from the rest! We’d love to be a part of your special day!