Paper Airplane Seat Place Cards


This Paper Airplane Seat Place Cards template features a single-sided template that is cut, scored, and folded to make an airplane seating card with your guests' names and table location on them. The template dimensions measure 8.5″x8.5″ and contains three different color variations of airplanes to help your guests to easily identify their table. Also, three different sizes are included for adults, children and babies! Each airplane, when folded, measures approximately 4″ long. The child and baby airplanes measure approximately 3″ and 2.5″, respectively. A table place card holder is recommended for use with the place cards. All fonts are included with the purchase of the template.


•This template was created using Adobe Illustrator CS6 and is compatible with versions CS4 and later. Without this software you will not be able to edit this template file.


•The 30-day free trial to Adobe Illustrator can be found here. The program is quite large, so it is recommended to use a highspeed internet connection, and allow approximately an hour for the download and installation process to complete. If you need any assistance with how to use Adobe Illustrator, we have created a 10 min intro video to help with the basics. Click here to watch it. Also, we recommend joining our Facebook Group, for answers to common questions, and inspiration from other brides from around the world!